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Designing a network begins with an assessment of what business goals and technology requirements you want to accomplish.  Alpine employs best practices and industry standards when designing a network to ensure that the end design will meet current and future growth expectations.  Upon completion of the initial network assessment Alpine follows a consistent approach to designing a network that will simplify the complex challenge and ensure that the end design will provide the functionality, performance, scalability and robustness you require.  The following depicts a typical assessment of your requirements.

Size the Network:

Alpine will work with you to define the network requirements:
• Number of locations or expected growth
• Number of current users and growth expectations
• Type of applications required for all users
• Capacity currently required and future expectations
• Storage requirements 
• Security requirements

Connectivity Decisions:

Alpine will work with you to define:
• Type of external and internal connections required for the network
• Internet access and capabilities
• Wireless access and requirements 
• Bandwidth requirements
Design the Network:

Upon completion of the network scale and functional requirements Alpine will work with you to design the network based on:

Bandwidth technology options determined by user and functional requirements:
     o Shared for low bandwidth users (i.e. shared 100Base-T Ethernet)
     o Dedicated for high bandwidth users (i.e. switched 100Base-T Ethernet)
     o Higher bandwidth for multimedia applications (i.e. streaming video) 
     o Backbone bandwidth (i.e. Gigabit, Terabyte)

Basic infrastructure requirements:
     o Cabling requirements
     o Network equipment:  Routers, Servers, Wireless, Switches, Storage, Firewalls
     o Operating systems (i.e. Microsoft, Unix, Linux, proprietary)
     o End user equipment (i.e. desktops, notebooks, hardware, software, imaging, wireless)

Support Services:
     o Hardware & Software Support
     o Data Back-up
     o Help Desk
     o Imaging
     o Configuration
     o Anti-virus & Spyware
     o Remediation Services
     o SPAM
     o Installation
     o Repair & Spare parts
     o Remote Management & Monitoring
     o Asset Tagging

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