At Alpine, we measure our performance based on our customer's results.

"Though the projects We have just been recently implemented, we are confident that through partnering with Alpine to manage our trading partners and sourcing activities, we will reap immense benefits such as improving our procurement execution abilities, cutting costs and improving the overall productivity of both our staff and trading partners.  Alpine provides one-stop sourcing, procurement and fulfillment services." - Vice President of Materials Management, Sashin Inc.

"We are very satisfied and happy working with Alpine.  The smooth delivery of the products, reliable support, quality service and enhanced vendor collaboration received positive feedback not only from us, but also our consumers."  -  Head of Corporate Procurement,  Johnson Technologies

"Within a short period since working with Alpine, they have managed to activate several suppliers to come onboard. We are definitely impressed with the results they have delivered."  -  Director of MIS, Armstrong Industrial Limited

"Alpine enabled FEAC and its vendors to be true business partners by management and sharing of products, services and other information.  Visibility and agility gained from Alpine made our supply chain dramatically stronger.  Now, FEAC has reduced its inventory by more than 70% in less than one year while having developed "Win-Win" partnerships with our vendors." - Director of Finance and Accounting, FEAC Electronics Asia Limited

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